About Aujané's Sweets

Aujané's Sweets LLC is a successful business that has evolved from Erica's Sweets & Treats to Aujané's Sweets Cake Supplies and finally settling on Aujané's Sweets LLC. It is run by Erica Wilson, who hails from Oceanside, California, but has lived in Denver, Colorado, and Houston, Texas. Erica's love for sweets led her to establish this business after graduating from The Art Institute of Houston, where she majored in Baking and Pastry. 

The main goal of Aujané's Sweets LLC is to help individuals build their confidence in the kitchen. Erica achieves this by offering various opportunities for learning, such as workshops, classes, and one-on-one zoom online lessons. Through these platforms, she teaches essential baking and decorating skills, empowering her students to create delicious treats with confidence.

Additionally, Aujané's Sweets LLC has been featured on the Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge Season 2 Episode 6, where Erica showcased her talent and expertise in the baking industry.

Previous Clients:

Paramount Pictures - Smile movie night.

Cardi B - Kulture's 1st birthday party.

Food Network: Christmas Cookie Challenge Season 2 Episode 6

ROKU Original Series: Side Hustlers Season 1